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A light weight framework for building applications in .Net

NCommon is a framework that provides base for building applications using a Domain Driven Design approach and provides base implementations of common patterns. NCommon provides a simple implementation of patterns such as Unit of Work, Repository, Specification and a lot more.

You can get the latest release of NCommon below in the releases section below. You can also get the latest source of NCommon from Github and build from source. See the building from source section below for more information.

Visit the Getting started guide to get an overview of what NCommon is and what it can do for you, or visit the Documentation section for full documentation on the various features of NCommon.

Current Release

Current release version of NCommon is 1.2 and is avialable as NuGet packages. Below are the list of packages avaialble via NuGet

Package Id Description
NCommon Core NCommon package.
NCommon.ContainerAdapter.Autofac Autofac container adapter for NCommon.
NCommon.ContainerAdapter.CastleWindsor Castle Windsor container adapter for NCommon.
NCommon.ContainerAdapter.Ninject Ninject container adapter for NCommon.
NCommon.ContainerAdapter.StructureMap StructureMap container adapter for NCommon.
NCommon.EntityFramework Entity framework data adapter for NCommon.
NCommon.LinqToSql Linq To Sql data adpater for NCommon.
NCommon.NHibernate NHibernate data adpater for NCommon.
NCommon.Mvc ASP.Net MVC utilities and extensions for NCommon.

Getting and building from source

NCommon's source is hosted at Github here. To build from source you must have Powershell 2.0 installed as NCommon uses a psake build file for building binaries. Once you have cloned NCommon's repository from Github locally, you can build from source by executing the following commands in a Powershell window.

            import-module .\psake.psm1
            invoke-psake .\default.ps1